RADAR-AD final consortium meeting and public event (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


On 15 May, Ana and Dianne attended the final RADAR-AD consortium meeting in Amsterdam. The research partners discussed preliminary findings, the possible implications of those findings in relation to existing tests for functioning, planned publications and the management of data sets. The RADAR-AD public final event was held the following day. The event was chaired by the project leads Dag Aarsland (Kings’ College London) and Gayle Wittenberg (Janssen). Members of the RADAR-AD Patient Advisory Board actively participated in the event. In the morning, Dianne Gove gave an overview of Public Involvement work in this project and presented the work of the PAB, and Helen Rochford-Brennan and Nélida Aguiar presented the perspectives of a person with dementia and carer about PI work in research. In the afternoon, Ana Diaz participated in a discussion panel together with Chris Roberts and Carmel Geoghegan. It was a very interesting meeting. All members of the PAB were presented with a certificate of appreciation for the work and involvement in the project.