Members of the Pattern-Cog Advisory Board meet online to discuss risk predictions for Alzheimer's disease in cognitively healthy people


On 17 April, members of the European Dementia Carers Working Group (EDCWG) who also serve as the Pattern-Cog Advisory Board (Pattern-Cog AB) gathered online. The consultation was also attended by Ana Diaz (Public Involvement Lead, Alzheimer Europe), Daphné Lamirel and Sarah Campill (Public Involvement Officers), and facilitated by Soraya Moradi-Bachiller (Public Involvement Officer, Alzheimer Europe). During the consultation, members of the Pattern-Cog AB were presented a scenario where they would be given a risk prediction for cognitive impairment by their doctor. 

They were then asked what their views and opinions were about this risk prediction and what type of support they would expect and want from their national Alzheimer's associations. Members who attended this meeting participated actively and provided insightful feedback during this consultation, which is part of a series of meetings that will help understand the needs cognitively healthy people might have in case of receiving a risk prediction for cognitive impairment, as well as how Alzheimer's associations can support this possible future scenario.