Members of the ADIS Young Adults Advisory Board meet online to discuss different aspects of brain health campaigns for people their age


On 7, 14 and 15 March, the members of the newly set up ADIS Young Adults Advisory Board (ADIS YA-AB) gathered online. These three sessions were also attended by Jesús Rodrigo (Confederación Española de Alzheimer, CEAFA) and David Bartrés-Faz (Universidad de Barcelona), and facilitated by Soraya Moradi-Bachiller (Public Involvement Officer at Alzheimer Europe, AE). During the consultations, members of the ADIS YA-AB were asked what their views and opinions are about dementia prevention, dementia risk reduction, healthy lifestyle and brain health, and other different terms and expressions that could be used in a brain health campaign for people their age. There were also discussions about the barriers young people face when adopting healthy habits and what motivates (or would motivate) them to have a healthy lifestyle. All the members participated actively and provided insightful feedback during this consultation, which is part of a series of meetings that will help shape a brain health campaign for young adults.