Malta launches its new dementia strategy for 2024-2031


The National Dementia Strategy for the Maltese Islands 2024 – 2031, titled ‘Reaching New Heights’, aims to significantly improve the quality of services and the quality of life of persons living with the condition in the Maltese islands. This dementia strategy is a continuation of the Maltese Islands’ first national strategy and it builds on the sound progress made during its implementation. A review of the objectives implemented was carried out and new evidence-based practices were sought. Based on this assessment, various action areas were identified in the strategy to address what Malta needs to reach new heights in this care sector.

This plan spans over the period of the next seven years. It lays out a vision for how people with dementia might live their lives as well as the necessary societal, policy, and service adjustments needed to facilitate this. The policy identifies priority areas that will help people with the condition and those who help them advance through dementia. The objectives to be achieved through the action areas include:

• Increase awareness and understanding of dementia by improving inclusivity and accessibility in community settings that maximise the opportunities for health, involvement, and security for everyone

• Reduce the risk of developing dementia by taking precautionary measures, such as increasing physical activity, preventing and reducing obesity, promoting balanced and healthy diets, quitting smoking and alcohol use, encouraging social engagement, promoting cognitively stimulating activities, preventing and managing diabetes, hypertension, and depression

• Obtain an early diagnosis to enable individuals to make advance care and legal planning while they are still able to make important decisions

• Instill a positive approach and empowerment, focused on helping persons with dementia and their families to live well with the condition

• Improve education and training to develop a dementia-capable workforce with skills to deliver high-quality services and support

• Strengthen seamless integrated person-centred care across all settings

• Advance towards better dementia prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care by implementing dementia research.

An Inter-Ministerial Committee, led by the Ministry for Active Ageing, will be set-up to coordinate and oversee the implementation of the strategy. This will ensure that the actions outlined in the seven sections of the policy are implemented in an effective and efficient manner. It will also ensure that people with dementia, caregivers, and family members are included in the implementation process. The National Strategy document can be accessed via: