The EWGPWD and supporters gathered online for a last meeting of the current term of the group and a farewell to departing members


On 12 June, members of the European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) and their supporters gathered online. This heartfelt meeting marked the end of the current term of the group and provided an opportunity to say goodbye and express gratitude to those leaving the group: Petri, Bernd and Stephen. Marguerite, who had left the group earlier in the year, was also thanked for her contributions. The meeting began with a warm welcome from Dianne (Director for Public Involvement and Ethics). Daphné (Public Involvement Officer) then presented a slideshow of photos showing members at various events, conferences and social gatherings, both online and in-person. 

Ana (Public Involvement Lead) gave a special thank you to Petri, acknowledging his contributions to Alzheimer Europe and the EWGPWD, particularly in raising awareness of frontotemporal dementia. She read out some of his words from an email since he was not able to attend. Soraya (Public Involvement Officer) and Dianne expressed their gratitude to Stephen and Bernd respectively, highlighting Stephen and Bernd’s invaluable contributions to the working group and the organisation’s activities, and wishing them success in their future endeavours. Daphné also shared a few words in appreciation of Marguerite. Bernd and Stephen also spoke, expressing how much they had enjoyed their time with EWGPWD. Their sentiments resonated with other members who expressed sadness at their departure but also reflected on all the cherished moments created together. 

Dianne and Ana then thanked Chris for his role as Chair and Vice-Chair of the EWGPWD. They thanked him for his essential role in fostering cohesion in the EWGPWD and his constant eagerness to help out and assist with all activities. Soraya, Sarah (Public Involvement Officer) and Dianne concluded the meeting with final words of appreciation for the EWGPWD. Chris closed the meeting by thanking AE staff for their support and expressing his gratitude again to the departing EWGPWD members and all EWGPWD supporters for their essential roles.