European Commission publishes Disability Card proposal


The European Commission has published a legislative proposal that aims to facilitate access to the right to free movement for persons with disabilities by ensuring access to special conditions, preferential treatment and parking rights when visiting another Member State. The Commission's proposal introduces a standardised European Disability Card and enhances the current European Parking Card for persons with disabilities. Both cards will be recognised throughout the EU. The European Disability Card will serve as proof of disability throughout the EU, granting equal access to special conditions and preferential treatment in public and private services. It will be issued by the national competent authorities and complement existing national cards or certificates. The Commission’s proposal also includes changes to the operation of the current European Parking Card, which will allow persons with disabilities to access the same parking rights available in another Member State. It will have a binding common format that will replace national parking cards for persons with disabilities and will be recognised throughout the EU.

To promote ease of use and reduce administrative burden, the proposed Directive will require Member States to:

• Provide the cards in both physical and digital versions.

• Make conditions and rules for issuing or withdrawing the cards publicly available in accessible formats.

• Ensure service providers offer information on special conditions and preferential treatment for persons with disabilities in accessible formats.

The Commission's proposal will be discussed by the European Parliament and the Council. Once adopted, Member States will have 18 months to incorporate the provisions of the Directive into national law. Further information on the proposals is available at: