Entire EU elections candidate list of French political party Les Écologistes - EELV signs Dementia Pledge 2024, promising to make dementia a policy priority at EU level!


We are delighted to announce that, thanks to the hard work of our member France Alzheimer, the entire list of the French political party Les Écologistes - EELV (Europe Ecology – The Greens) has signed our Dementia Pledge 2024, which forms part of our EU elections campaign. Marie Toussaint MEP signed the Pledge on behalf of her entire list of EELV candidates, bringing 81 new signatures to the Dementia Pledge. Alzheimer Europe would like to express its gratitude to Ms Toussaint and all the EELV candidates for supporting the Pledge and for putting dementia firmly on their agenda as a policy priority.
The Dementia Pledge 2024 is a commitment which all candidates standing for election in the European Parliament are invited to sign, pledging their support in prioritising dementia in the areas of health, research, disability policy and informal carers and pledging to join the European Alzheimer’s Alliance, upon election.
The current total of pledgees stands at 161, including the 81 EELV signatories.
We invite other candidates (and party lists!) to sign the Pledge, today! The Pledge campaign will run until 9 June 2024, when the European elections will conclude. The list of signatories currently signed up to the Dementia Pledge 2024 can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/DementiaPledge2024