The eBRAIN-Health Public and Patient Advisory Group gathers online for an information session and consultation about the project


On 11 March, the members of the eBRAIN-Health Public and Patient Advisory Group met online for a consultation about the project. The meeting also included the presence of Public Involvement Officers Sarah Campill and Daphné Lamirel alongside Dianne Gove, Director for Public Involvement and Ethics at Alzheimer Europe. In the first part of the meeting, Petra Ritter who leads the eBRAIN-Health project and neuroscientist Leon Stefanovski from Charité University Berlin provided an overview of ongoing work within the eBRAIN-Health project and new research findings related to the use of digital brain twins.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask Petra and Leon questions. In the second part of the meeting, Klaudia Kwiatkowska, a legal specialist from the University of Vienna who is working in eBRAIN-Health, joined the meeting. Daphné and Klaudia gave an introduction to the European Health Data Space programme. They clarified questions from the members of the advisory group and facilitated a discussion about views on the potential benefits and concerns of this new EU programme.