Dutch-Spanish children's book explaining dementia now available in English


Julissa Cruz is a doctor of geriatric medicine, of Dominican origin, based in the Netherlands. She wrote a children's book called "Why Does Granny Forget Things? A trip to the brain", which was published in both Dutch and Spanish in 2020, and as of May 2022 is available in English. The story is drawn from her own experiences with her mother's cognitive difficulties and how these affected her young niece. Dr Cruz therefore wanted to present some of the realities of dementia in a fun and easy-to-understand way, to help her nieces and nephews, as well as other children, to understand what might be happening to an older family member with dementia. The story is illustrated by Gustavo Desimone and is complemented by an educational guide for parents and guardians, where dementia is defined in a more formal and professional way, together with information about its impact worldwide. Find out more about the book and how to obtain it, here: https://www.julissacruz.com/libro