Documentary film "Human Forever" is a story about love for humanity told by people with dementia


24-year-old humanitarian activist Teun Toebes is on a mission to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia. He had been living in the closed ward of a nursing home for years when he decided to take his mission to the next level: In an adventurous three-year journey across four continents and through 11 countries, his documentary film "Human Forever" takes the viewer on a quest around the world in which he looks for answers for the future. “We want to show a more nuanced picture of dementia, told or shown by people with dementia themselves. Because in a world where the talk is now mainly about loss, there is still a world to be won”, he commented. Together with his good friend and filmmaker Jonathan de Jong, Teun Tobes explores how dementia is dealt with in other countries and what we can learn from each other to make the future more inclusive. "As the number of people with dementia doubles in the next 20 years, this quest is not a question, but a necessity", he asserts. Human Forever premiered at a G20 summit in October 2023. It is currently breaking records in the Netherlands and is the most-watched human interest documentary ever in cinemas (70,000+ cinemagoers). The film is now showing in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and will later be released in other countries. Talks are currently ongoing with other countries around the world, so if you are interested in bringing the film to your country as well, get in touch via social media or via (also to watch the trailer).