Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative calls for key actions to drive early detection and healthcare system preparedness


On 21 June 2023, the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative (DAC) Healthcare System Preparedness Learning Laboratory convened more than 350 stakeholders from over 50 countries and 300 organisations to share lessons based on the 19 early detection initiatives in 12 countries across DAC flagship pilot sites and grant programmes. Inspired by these discussions, the DAC and partners are now calling on national governments, healthcare system leaders, private-sector innovators, global organisations, and other stakeholders to collaboratively act on these lessons to expand early detection and strengthen healthcare system preparedness.

Speakers at the Learning Laboratory included: Kristina Malzbender, Gates Ventures; Mark Roithmayr, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation; David Bates, Linus Health; Tom O’Neill, Cognivue; Brad O’Connor, Cogstate; Joel Braunstein, C2N Diagnostics; Hilary Evans, Alzheimer’s Research UK and Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission; Kosuke Wada, Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, Japan; Simon Njuguna, Ministry of Health, Kenya; and Kristine Galstyan, Ministry of Health, Armenia. They highlighted four areas for action:

• Harness a “toolbox” to support early detection across geographies, contexts, and needs.

• Advance implementation science to drive adoption, scalability, and impact.

• Enact bold dementia policy to scale a proven patient pathway for early detection.

• Strengthen global collaboration for enduring policy commitment, shared lessons, and inclusive research.

Read more about the Learning Laboratory and the Call to Action, here: https://mailchi.mp/9c222abed71b/dac-learning-lab-call-to-action-june2023