Alzheimer’s Disease International publishes dementia plans report


Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) has published a report tracking the creation and implementation of national dementia plans globally. The report examines the development of plans against the targets set out in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Action Plan (GAP) on the Public Health Response to Dementia 2017-2025. Some of key findings within the report include:

• The number of plans implemented by Member States has remained unchanged since 2022 at 39. As of May 2023, 46 countries or territories (including non-Member States) had NDPs

• 54 new plans are needed annually to reach the WHO target of 146 plans (75% of Member States) by 2025

• Data collection and harmonisation is becoming increasingly important as global projects seek to understand the life-course factors that impact dementia

• In the absence of national dementia plans or where dementia diagnosis and care pathways are unclear, it is often the civil society or non-governmental organisations that develop innovative projects or services to plug key gaps.

The fully report is available at: