AI-Mind and DNV organise jointly a series of hybrid webinars


Det Norske Veritas® (DNV) is co-organising with the AI-Mind consortium, of which DNV is a partner, hybrid webinar series on Artificial Intelligence (AI), medical devices, Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on Medical Devices (MDR) and the upcoming AI Act (AIA). The webinars aim to highlight some relevant aspects of the conformity requirements for medical device software which use AI. The webinar series is tailored to a diverse group of stakeholders with a shared interest in the intersection of AI and healthcare. This includes AI-Mind members and stakeholders and other relevant stakeholders who are researching and using AI in healthcare including clinicians, researchers, lawyers, hospital management and IT support.

Three webinars will be delivered by medical device software expert, Dr Frédéric Courivaud from DNV’s Healthcare Research Programme. Save the dates:

• Tuesday June 6 (12-13h CET) “AI & Medical Device Software” (i.e. views on specific conformity assessment aspects in the context of the current European regulatory landscape)

• Tuesday June 13 (12-13h CET) “Machine Learning in medical device software” (i.e. a Notified Body’s perspective in a changing regulatory landscape)

• Tuesday June 20 (12-13h CET) “Anticipating the AIA for the conformity assessment of medical device Software” (i.e. interplay between, MDR and the upcoming AI Act regarding the conformity management of AI medical software).

You can find more information about the European Artificial Intelligence Act and the DNV webinars on the AI-Mind website: