ABOARD - Dutch project celebrates three years


The five-year ABOARD project celebrated its third anniversary this month. Led by Wiesje van der Flier Scientific director at Alzheimer Center Amsterdam, ABOARD is a public-private project which aims to prepare for a future in which Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is stopped before dementia has started. This is being done by: improving diagnosis, developing personal risk profiles, initiating nationwide data collection with a focus on patient-reported outcomes, and a focus on prevention strategies. Colleagues from PGGM hosted the third anniversary event and the theme was "impact". Keynote speaker Craig Ritchie, shared his personal journey to make an impact on healthcare for patients with AD. The project's researchers gave presentations, showcasing examples with societal impact, such as the discovery of the SORL1 gene as a novel genetic mutation causing AD (Henne Holstege), and apps supporting prognosis in the consultation room (Mathijs Rosbergen, Pieter van der Veere). The first ABOARD scientific impact awards were given to Madison Honey, Pieter van der Veere, Lotte Truin and Hana Marie Broulíková. There was also a mentoring programme panel session, chaired by Irene Heger and Marco Blom (Alzheimer Nederland). Alzheimer Europe Director Jean Georges is a member of the project’s Advisory Board. More information about ABOARD, including an animation-video, can be found on the website: www.aboard-project.nl