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Wiesje van der Flier (1975) is full professor and scientific director of Alzheimer center Amsterdam at Amsterdam UMC, the Netherlands, where she works since 2004.

She studied neuropsychology at the University of Utrecht.

In addition, she is clinical epidemiologist. She leads the Amsterdam Dementia Cohort, an ongoing memory-clinic based cohort including over 6000 patients with deep phenotyping (MRI, EEG, CSF biomarkers, and PET) and linked biobank (blood, DNA, CSF). The Amsterdam Dementia Cohort is at the basis of many of the studies performed at Alzheimer center Amsterdam. Van der Flier has been (co)promotor of >20 theses and is currently supervising ~10 PhD projects.

Van der Fliers main research areas are looking for the origin of AD, diagnosis&prognosis, and intervention&prevention.

Van der Flier leads ABOARD (A Personalized Medicine Approach for Alzheimer’s Disease), a Dutch public-private partnership of than 30 partners.

Together with colleague Philip Scheltens, she has written a book, het Alzheimermysterie, which was published by the Arbeiderspers.