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Information for people with dementia

Meeting room for people with dementia

A meeting room has been reserved for the sole use of people with dementia and their guests. Coffee breaks will also be served in this room.

Reserved areas

Seats in the front row(s) of all meeting rooms will be marked as “Reserved” for the use of people with dementia. Our staff members will be happy to direct you to those dedicated areas.
During the lunch breaks, a number of places and tables will be reserved for the sole use of people with dementia. Those areas will be marked as “Reserved”. Our hostesses/hosts will be pleased to accompany you to those areas.

Accreditation and certificates

This conference is not CME (Continuing Medical Education) accredited.
Certificates for participation will be available at the registration desk, or may be requested by Email for the online attendees.


The language of the conference is English.

Information about translation will be announced at a later stage.

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Destination information



The local currency in Switzerland is Swiss franc (CHF).
Switzerland is not part of the European Union and thus is not obliged to convert to the Euro.
Merchants may accept euros but are not obliged to do so. Change given back to the client will most likely be in Swiss francs.
The most accepted payment options are cash, credit cards and debit cards.
Credit cards and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere. The most common are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro.
Banks are open only during the week from 9:00 to 17:30.
Money change can be done at the following places: Banks Exchange offices Airport Major hotels Exchange offices usually offer better exchange rates than banks.
At airports, the rates may be slightly higher than in the city.
For more information, please click on this LINK

Climate and weather

The climate of Switzerland is strongly affected by the Alps and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.
Switzerland has four distinct seasons : Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer
Winter begins in end of December until mid of March.
Spring begins from end of March until mid of June.
Autumn is from end of September until mid of December.
Summer is from end of June to mid of September.
The characteristics of the Swiss climate are described using long-term averages. The focus is on temperature, precipitation, sunshine duration, and wind.
Average temperatures in Switzerland:
Winter: -2 to 7°C
Spring-Autumn: 8 to 15°C
Summer: 18 to 28°C
Warmest months: July and August 25°C+
Coldest months: January and February -2°c
For the latest weather forecast by the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss please see website : LINK


Voltage: 230 Volts. Frequency : 50 Hz ”Type J”
You'll probably need an adaptor, as very few countries have type J plugs (almost exclusively Switzerland and Liechtenstein)

Time zone

The time zone in Switzerland is Central European Time (CET), one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+01:00)

Emergency number

General Emergency number for police 117, ambulance 144 and fire-service 118.

Pharmacy and medical care

Pharmacies in Switzerland are marked with the green pharmacy sign. They are generally open from 8:00-18:30 (Monday to Friday) and 8:00-16:00/17:00 (Saturday).
Some pharmacies (often in train stations and airports) are open longer and on Sunday.

Emergency duty

University Hospital of Geneva (HUG) : 0041 22 372 81 20 24h/24- 7j/7

Medical care

Association of Doctors of the Canton of Geneva. Open 24h. LINK
SOS Doctors Geneva, Avenue Louis-Casaï 27, 1211 Geneva LINK

Geneva tourist information

Useful information can be found on the Geneva Tourism and Congresses Website



Alzheimer Europe, Alzheimer Schweiz Suisse Svizzera and Alzheimer Genève gratefully acknowledge the support of all conference sponsors.