Pia Knudsen was nominated by Alzheimerforeningen (Denmark) to join the European Working Group of People with Dementia in October 2022. Educated as a visual artist, designer and teacher, Pia has loved her work - making exhibitions in many places in Europe, as well as working as a teacher at a folk high school and at a school for foreigners who live, study or work in Denmark. Since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia two years ago, she has been a spokeswoman for people with dementia at the Parliament in Denmark, as an ambassador of dementia in Aarhus, appearing on the media, talking about her experience of living with dementia and participating in lectures with the Danish Alzheimer's association. She focuses on preserving her physical and cognitive ability and strength by attending a qualified program tailored for people with dementia offered by the Municipality of Arhus.



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