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Türkiye Alzheimer Derneği


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The Alzheimer's Association of Turkey is a non-governmental organization founded in 1997 by the relatives of patients and physicians specialized in Alzheimer's disease, and provides service with 15 branches throughout Turkey. The branches, two of which are located on both sides of Istanbul, operate in Ankara, Izmir, Mersin, Eskişehir, Denizli, Samsun, Kayseri, Bursa, Karabük, Adana, Konya, Manisa and Antalya with a total of 1500 members.

The highest priority in the activities of the association is given to raising awareness and education of our people on Alzheimer's disease and its care, and increasing the quality of life of people and families living with this disease. In this context, the Alzheimer's Association of Turkey:

  • It carries out interventions to provide diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with Alzheimer's Disease (dementia);
  • It carries out awareness-raising activities with municipalities, non-governmental organizations, universities and volunteers in order to increase awareness of Alzheimer's Disease;
  • In an effort to create day care centers, inpatient nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers for patients to spend quality time and care for short and long-term: It has implemented the “Day Life Home” as a model in Okmeydanı, and day care centers are opened in other parts of the city and the country. continues its leadership activities for;
  • It provides all kinds of social support and training to Alzheimer's patients and their relatives with the support of physicians and volunteers who are experts in Alzheimer's Disease;
  • It trains doctors, nurses and health personnel so that Alzheimer's patients can be cared for correctly and with quality during the disease process;
  • It organizes psychological support and solidarity meetings for the relatives of Alzheimer's patients under the management of expert psychologists;
  • It opens special branch centers related to Alzheimer's disease and provides infrastructure, medical tools and equipment, devices, rehabilitation equipment and personnel for these centers;
  • It provides quality consultancy to nursing homes/nursing homes to be opened.

The Alzheimer's Association of Turkey cooperates intensively with ministries, universities, other hospitals providing education and services in the field of health, private and corporate health institutions related to the public, and local, civil and administrative organizations related to its aims and activities. In close relations with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, he attended workshops on elderly health and Alzheimer's Disease, nursing home/nursing home standardization and prepared reports. He also continues his duty on the advisory board of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, General Directorate of Elderly Health.

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