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Slovensko združenje za pomoč pri demenci Spominčica


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Slovensko združenje za pomoč pri demenci Spominčica is an independent, non-profit, interdisciplinary professional association, whose primary purpose and goal is to provide professional and effective assistance to people with dementia, their relatives and caregivers.

The association has the status of a humanitarian organization and the status of an association that works in the public interest in the field of social protection.

Their tasks are:

  • assisting people with dementia and their relatives in treating, communicating and caring for the patient;
  • counseling to relatives and carers via a counseling telephone;
  • publishing the Spominčica newsletter, which contains a lot of information that relatives need when caring for people with dementia for many years;
  • individual interviews at the Spominčica and Alzheimer Center premises;
  • striving for harmonization with international criteria and standards in the prevention and treatment of people with dementia;
  • ensuring that all persons with dementia in the country receive appropriate care and treatment in accordance with known ethical principles and that each person with dementia is properly treated and enjoys human dignity;
  • informing and raising public awareness about dementia and working to minimize prejudice against the disease;
  • ensuring that the first signs of the disease are identified in a timely manner by the professional and general public;
  • participation in the preparation of the Dementia Management Strategy in Slovenia, the action plan and other documents important for the field of dementia
  • cooperation with related organizations in Slovenia and in the world;
  • monitoring scientific and professional achievements in the field of dementia, in Slovenia and abroad;
  • non-formal education and training of persons who thereby acquire non-formal education on dementia in the field of care and treatment of a person with dementia;
  • additional training of target groups of workers (medical staff, police, civil servants, bankers, traders, co-workers, relatives…), for better understanding and treatment of patients with dementia and for early detection and detection of disease (early diagnosis);
  • acquainting relatives with new approaches and tools that enable an easier and better quality of life for patients and relatives;
  • promoting informal association of relatives and persons with dementia in public places with the aim of providing assistance, exchanging experiences, reducing the stigma of dementia, improving social inclusion and their reintegration.

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