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Slovenská Alzheimerova spoločnost


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It is a civic association dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer's disease in the Slovak Republic in order to promote their rights and needs and thus contribute to creating conditions for their dignified life. 

They connect people with memory disorders and Alzheimer's disease and their families, as well as professionals working in research, prevention, diagnosis and therapy, as well as friends of society who are not indifferent to the lives of people with this disease. 


  • Raising awareness about Alzheimer's disease
  • Educate family carers
  • Organisation of an international conference on Alzheimer's disease
  • Cover world campaigns in Slovakia (World Alzheimer's Month, Brain Week)
  • Hire volunteers to work for people with Alzheimer's disease
  • Publish and distribute a  book on Alzheimer's disease and  free brochures to families
  • Bilding a  network of contact points in order to provide targeted help and advice in all parts of Slovakia