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Fundación Alzheimer España (FAE)


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Fundación Alzheimer España (FAE) is an NGO:

  • Non profit
  • Without links with pharmaceutical laboratories, political parties or religious entities
  • National level
  • Under the Board of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy

The Foundation was officially created in 1991 at the initiative of a group of individuals whose families suffered the consequences of this disease and professionals (researchers, clinicians, lawyers, economists) involved in this pathology.

The statutory objectives of the Foundation are:

  • Provide information and guidance to people who suffer from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or who want preventive assistance from it, as well as their families and relatives,
  • Provide and procure technical and health assistance to people who are affected by the so-called Alzheimer's disease or dementias with similar symptoms, either in centers and establishments of the Foundation itself, or through concerts and agreements in institutional hospitals or private centers,
  • Promote and encourage research and study of the so-called Alzheimer's disease and, in particular, of the pathology of the brain related to the deterioration of neurons or cells of the nervous system, in order to achieve advances,
  • Carry out all kinds of activities aimed at developing the therapy of degenerative pathological processes of the brain.

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