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Federazione Alzheimer Italia


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Federazione Alzheimer Italia is the largest national non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of medical and scientific research on the causes, treatment and assistance for dementia, to the support and support of people with dementia and their families, to the protection of their both legislative and administrative rights. Formed mainly by associations of people with dementia, the Federation is the main point of reference for dementias in Italy. It operates on two levels: at a national level through the participation of the members and the collaboration of the affiliates, at an international level through the active participation in the Alzheimer's associations operating at European and world level. It brings together and coordinates 46 associations that deal with dementia and aims to create a national network of help for people with dementia and their families. He is the representative for Italy of Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) and is part of Alzheimer Europe, the National Disability Council (CND), the League for the Rights of the Handicapped (LEDHA), the Italian Federation of Neurological Associations (FIAN), of the Federation of Palliative Care Onlus, of the Editorial Committee of the monthly VITA.

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