2024 Sponsorship Opportunities


Alzheimer Europe has a longstanding tradition of collaborating with corporate companies, as well as other organisations, foundations and projects involved in dementia research or the development of pharmaceutical, clinical, care or technical solutions and interventions for people with dementia and their carers.

In this section, Alzheimer Europe describes various sponsorship opportunities that the organisations offers companies, projects and organisations interested in supporting its corporate activities.

Separate documents provide information on sponsorship opportunities for Alzheimer Europe’s Annual Conference in Geneva or for Alzheimer Europe’s public involvement strategy and opportunities for people with dementia/mild cogni-tive impairment and/or their families and support to provide feedback and input via public involvement activities.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Individual sponsorship opportunities

As in previous years, Alzheimer Europe will provide companies with a pick and mix menu to opt for those sponsorship opportunities which are most in line with a particular company’s interests. They are presented here below:


Company Round Tables

In 2024, Alzheimer Europe will organise four meetings (27 February, 18 June, 18 September and 10 December) with interested companies. Three of these meetings will be hybrid and one will be online only.

Alzheimer Europe will update its company partners on its activities and future plans and projects. In addition, the organisation will liaise with the participating companies to identify issues of common interest and will invite company representatives to make presentations on selected topics. These meetings will also serve to discuss the EU policy and research landscape and update members of AE about ongoing clinical trial developments.

At these meetings, time can be allocated for those companies interested in sharing their research activities and discussing issues such as the design of clinical trial protocols or patient recruitment with representatives of the Alzheimer Europe Board or the organisation’s member associations. If necessary, this section of the meeting will be closed to invited representatives only and AE participants may be required to sign confidentiality agreements to cover the discussions on issues not in the public domain. If timing does not allow to combine the meeting with a company round table, this type of advisory meeting can be organised on a stand-alone basis either in person or virtually. Typically, these meetings will be between one and two hours long.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Participation in one company round table meeting: EUR 3,000/meeting
  • Participation in all four company round table meetings: EUR 10,000
  • Acknowledgement on Alzheimer Europe website section dedicated to the clinical trial watch: EUR 7,500
  • Face-to-face Advisory Board or Information meeting with Alzheimer Europe members in conjunction with Company Round Table: EUR 10,000
  • Standalone face-to-face Advisory Board or Information meeting with Alzheimer Europe members: EUR 7,500 PLUS travel and meeting costs
  • Virtual Advisory Board or Information meeting with Alzheimer Europe members: EUR 5,000


Clinical Trial Watch

Alzheimer Europe will continue to update its website and provide information in an easy-to-understand language on phase III and phase II clinical trials being conducted in at least one European country. The organisation will include information on clinical trials on treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, as well as diagnostic trials and trials for medical devices, nutritional supplements and other interventions.

To ensure the readability of the provided information, Alzheimer Europe will collaborate with members of its European Working Group of People with Dementia and its European Dementia Carers Working Group. All information will also be sent to company representatives to check the information provided.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

Acknowledgement on Alzheimer Europe website section dedicated to the clinical trial watch: EUR 7,500


Dementia in Europe Magazine

Alzheimer Europe will continue publishing its special magazine entitled “Dementia in Europe” with a clear focus on policy developments in different European countries. This magazine will highlight initiatives on a national or Europe-an level affecting people with dementia, their carers and national Alzheimer’s associations and will feature inter-views with high level EU and national policy makers.

The magazine will be published three times in 2024 (February, June and October) and will be distributed free of charge to Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as through the member or-ganisations of Alzheimer Europe to national policy makers. Furthermore, pdf versions of the magazine will be dis-tributed to other European stakeholders who currently receive the e-mail newsletter of the organisation. The Febru-ary edition will include a special supplement dedicated to the 2024 European Parliament elections.

Alzheimer Europe can feature non-promotional adverts of companies, organisations or projects in the magazine. Companies, organisations or projects can also sponsor a special supplement which will be distributed at the same time as the magazine. Content, images and layout will need to be provided by the sponsor.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Half page advert in one edition: EUR 3,000
  • Full page advert in one edition: EUR 4,000
  • Half page advert in all three editions: EUR 7,500
  • Full page adverts in all three editions: EUR 10,000
  • Back cover advert in one edition: EUR 5,000
  • Back cover adverts in all three editions: EUR 12,500
  • Company or project supplement (8 pages): EUR 10,000


European Parliament meetings and lunch debates

Alzheimer Europe will continue its work with the European Alzheimer’s Alliance which currently brings together over 90 Members of the European Parliament from 26 of the 27 Members States of the European Union and all political groups. AE will continue to work with its members to increase the membership of this group.

In 2024, Alzheimer Europe will actively collaborate with its member organisations and encourage candidates at the European Parliament elections to commit to joining the European Alzheimer’s Alliance and to support the organisation’s campaign to make dementia a European priority.

Prior to the elections, Alzheimer Europe will organise a reception with supporting Members of the European Parlia-ment (27 February) to launch the organisation’s Manifesto. After the elections, the organisation will actively work towards reconvening the European Alzheimer’s Alliance and organise a lunch debate on 10 December. On the same day, Alzheimer Europe will organise its first European Parliament Dementia Day where it will organise bilateral meet-ings between people with dementia, their carers and representatives of national Alzheimer’s associations with their elected MEPs.
Throughout the year, Members of the European Parliament will be regularly updated on this through direct contacts, as well as through regular e-mail updates and the magazine.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Acknowledgement as sponsor and invitation of up to two representatives: EUR 7,500 for the European Parliament reception and EUR 7,500 for the lunch debate and European Parliament Dementia Day


Alzheimer’s Association Academy

Alzheimer Europe organises online webinars for public and government affairs representatives of its member organ-isations. These capacity building events will aim at informing member organisations about relevant EU develop-ments, providing an update for members about relevant research developments and exchanging information on best practices with regard to campaigning, media relations and the use of social media.
Alzheimer Europe will organise 3 Academy meetings dedicated to topics of interest to both AE members and its industry sponsors. Other Academy meetings organised throughout the year will be funded thanks to the operating grant of the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Programme of the European Union.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Acknowledgement as sponsor for one Academy meeting and invitation of one representative: EUR 5,000
  • Acknowledgement as sponsor for three Academy meetings and invitation of up to two repre-sentatives: EUR 12,500

European Anti-Stigma Award

In 2024, Alzheimer Europe will present, for the third time, a successful campaign, initiative or project which aims at addressing the stigma attached to dementia and changing public perceptions about dementia and people with de-mentia. The 2024 award will be presented to a journalist for outstanding work on covering news or developing a documentary.

The successful candidate will be awarded during the Alzheimer Europe conference in Geneva in October.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Acknowledgement as sponsor for Award and invitation of one representative to Award Jury and Award Ceremony: EUR 12,500


European Dementia Monitor

Alzheimer Europe produced three editions of its European Dementia Monitor comparing and benchmarking national systems and policies in the dementia field. The latest edition was published at the end of 2023. 

In 2024, Alzheimer Europe will continue to disseminate the findings of the Dementia Monoitor and include the results as a searchable database on its website and publish the findings in a scientific journal.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Acknowledgement as sponsor in publication and website presenting the results of the Eu-ropean Dementia Monitor: EUR 12,500


Sponsorship packages for corporate affairs activities

In addition to the pick and mix menu of individual sponsorship opportunities highlighted above, Alzheimer Europe will also provide a number of sponsorship packages. 

As in previous years, Alzheimer Europe would like to propose the following three levels of sponsorship. 


Sponsorship levelAmountProgrammes
Bronze sponsorEUR 12,500Company round table, Clinical Trial Watch and magazine
Silver sponsorEUR 25,000Company round table, Clinical Trial Watch and magazine PLUS Academy AND EP Lunch debates
Gold sponsorEUR 50,000Company round table, Clinical Trial Watch, Virtual Infor-mation Meeting and magazine PLUS Academy AND EP Lunch debates AND Anti-Stigma Award AND European Dementia Monitor


According to the chosen level, Alzheimer Europe will provide a number of benefits to the sponsor. These benefits are outlined in the table below.

Clinical Trial Watch

General benefits   
Acknowledgement in Sponsor section of Alzheimer Europe website
Acknowledgement in Alzheimer Europe Annual Report
Invited representatives to Company Round Table211
Monthly Update on Alzheimer Europe activities
Clinical Trial WatchANDANDAND
Acknowledgement on Clinical Trial Watch on Alzheimer Europe website
Dementia in Europe MagazineANDANDAND
Advertisement in Dementia in Europe Magazine3 x half page2 x half page1 x half page
Information Meeting on company research programmeAND  
Virtual meeting for company to present and discuss research programme or other issues of interest to company  
Alzheimer’s Association AcademyANDAND 
Acknowledgement of support on Alzheimer’s Association Academy 
Invited representatives to Alzheimer’s Association Academy Meetings21 
EP reception, lunch debate and European Parliament Dementia DayANDAND 
Acknowledgement of support on lunch debate agendas and invitations 
Invited representative to EP meetings21 
European Anti-Stigma AwardAND  
Acknowledgement of support in all award-related information  
Invited representative to Award Jury  
Invited representative to Award Ceremony2  
European Dementia MonitorAND  
Acknowledgement in report and website section dedicated to results  


Conference Sponsorship

For its 2024 Annual Conference in Geneva, Switzerland “New horizons – Innovating for dementia” (8-10 October 2024), Alzheimer Europe will provide both sponsorship packages and individual sponsorship opportunities. These can be found on thge following page: https://www.alzheimer-europe.org/conferences/2024-geneva/sponsors