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Pia Knudsen



My name is Pia. I’m from Aarhus, Denmark. I’m 59 years old and I am lucky to have a son, William, that lives in Barcelona. I’m also blessed with a daughter who lives in Copenhagen. I live alone in a small house. I’m educated as a visual artist, designer and teacher. I’ve made exhibitions in many places in Europe, and I’ve worked as a teacher at a folk high school and at a school for foreigners who live, study or work in Denmark. I’ve always loved my work – all of it! I also love the work that I’m doing now. Since I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia two years ago, I have had the luck to be a kind of spokeswoman for people with dementia.

Among things I’ve achieved is;
-    I’ve spoken at the Parliament in Denmark and I’m continuously in contact with some of the politicians
-    I’m an ambassador of dementia in Aarhus, where I work with the councillor of health and care and other important people. We are trying to make Aarhus a dementia-friendly city.
-    I’ve been in several kinds of public media focusing on different topics concerning my experience of living with dementia
-    I’ve been participating in several lectures with the Danish Alzheimer's association in various contexts

In my everyday life I focus on preserving my physical and cognitive ability and strength. I do that by attending a qualified program tailored for people with dementia offered by the municipality of Aarhus. Furthermore, my calendar is often filled with social activities that I love being a part of.

Pia Knudsen was nominated by Alzheimerforeningen, to join the European Working Group in October 2022.