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Zornitsa Karagyozova



"My name is Zornitsa Karagyozova. I am originally from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I am 52 years old, married and have two teenage sons. I have attained a Law degree and I’m currently working as Legal Advisor in a private company.

My personal meeting with Alzheimer’s disease began in 2020 when my father (then aged 78) was diagnosed with it. Since he is still in the first stage my main concern is to encourage him to not give up practicing of all his hobbies – travelling, sports, reading, learning English language, as all these activities support him in maintaining his good physical and mental condition.

I am extremely grateful that the civil association “Alzheimer Bulgaria” has been established as there is a lack of government, healthcare authorities and social supports for the families of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease. All the projects of “Alzheimer Bulgaria” aimed at helping these families are achieved predominantly with voluntary work which further boosts my satisfaction about the nomination I’ve received.

Thus, my main motivation to be part of “Alzheimer Bulgaria” and this working group is to help make the problems of elderly people with dementia to become visible for the authorities as well as the society. Furthermore, I will aim to provide carers with all needed information by exchanging practices with the European community in order for people with dementia to be given the opportunity to live a fully worthy life."

Zornitsa was nominated by Гражданско сдружение Алцхаймер България (Alzheimer Bulgaria).