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Public expectations from policy makers

Value of Knowing

Public supports government spending on research and care

In all countries, significant majorities of the public support greater spending on research on new treatments (varying from 67% in the US to 83% in France and Spain).

Research funding

Majorities in all countries (ranging from 60% in the US to 85% in France) would also support increased funding on scaring for people with Alzheimer's disease.

Funding for care

Support of policy makers for greater spending is not a major voting issue in most countries

When asked whether a candidate's attitude to spending on Alzheimer's disease would affect their vote, a majority in most countries (56% in Germany to 72% in France) said this would not make much of a difference. In Spain, a majority said that they would be more likely to vote for this candidate (47% against 44% for whom this would not make a difference).

Political candidates



Last Updated: Wednesday 13 July 2011


  • Acknowledgements

    The Value of Knowing Survey was designed and analysed by the Harvard School of Public Health and Alzheimer Europe, in collaboration with the following national Alzheimer associations: Alzheimer's Association (US), CEAFA (Spain), Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft (Germany), France Alzheimer (France) and the Polish Alzheimer's Association (Poland). The survey was supported by a grant to Alzheimer Europe from Bayer AG. Bayer was not involved in the design of the survey or the analysis of the findings.
  • Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft
  • France Alzheimer
  • Polish Alzheimer's Association
  • Bayer