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Focus on innovation, translation and harmonisation

PharmaCog's Scientific Approach

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Although a number of interesting studies have been conducted with regards to identification of challenge paradigms, pharmacodynamic markers, marker of disease progression and patient stratification they largely consist of small studies using one or two endpoints in line with the expertise of the investigators involved. PharmaCog will employ a multidimensional approach to the studies undertaken in order to develop a panel of markers (based on imaging, electrophysiology, biochemistry approaches, etc) that change consistently over time (i.e. signature of disease progression, challenge paradigm or pharmacological intervention).

The hypothesis being that testing putative symptomatic and disease modifying drugs against such panel of markers, rather than a single marker, in animal models and back to human would greatly enhance the predictability of the effect of the drug in phase II and III clinical trials. PharmaCog gathers world leaders in a number of disciplines and benefits from a number of investigators with experience in the harmonisation of protocols and procedures across sites in Europe. This expertise will be used to drive harmonisation of procedures, data collection, data analysis and interpretation from cognitive assessment to neuroimaging techniques. This combination of world leading experts with EFPIA knowledge of drug discovery will ensure that PharmaCog delivers optimal protocols for use in future clinical and pre-clinical development studies.



Last Updated: Monday 11 October 2010