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Guidelines on psycho-social interventions

Psychosocial interventions





Policy driven/evidence based


Alzheimer's disease and related conditions - Diagnosis and treatment (HAS) (2008)

Professionals in dementia care for clinical practice

Haute Autorité de Santé

Evidence-based and expert consensus


RAPPORT sur la maladie d'Alzheimer et les maladies apparantées (OPEPS) (2005)

Health care policy makers

Medical experts

Policy driven – consensus


Diagnostik und Therapie der Alzheimer Krankheit: Ein Konsensus für die Schweiz

Medical specialists and general practitioners

Alzheimer Forum Schweiz: docters, med. Specialists

Evidence based - consensus


An action plan for dementia (1999)

Professionals in dementia care + policy makers

National Council on Ageing and Older People

Policy driven


Guidelines for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease from the Italian association of psychogeriatrics (2005)

Clinical specialist (neurologists, geriatricians, psychiatrists)

Experts from the Italian Association of Psychogeriatrics



Rahmenempfehlungen zum Umgang mit herausforderndem Verhalten bei Menschen mit Demenz (2006)

Formal caregivers in institutional care

Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe + das Institut für Pflegewissenschaft der Universität Witten/Herdecke

Policy-driven - Experts


Handlungsempfehlung zu Fixierung und freiheitsbeschränkenden Maßnahmen Demenzkranker (2001)

Professionals in dementia care

Deutschen Expertengruppe Dementenbetreuung (professionals dementia care)

Expert opinion-consensus


Behandlungsleitlinie Demenz (2000)

Psychiatrist, psychotherapists, neurologists

German society for psychiatry, psychotherapy, and neurology

Evidence-based and expert consensus


BDA Manuale-Demenz (1999)

General practitioners

German society for general practitioners

Clear and rapid information sheet for use in practice based on experts opinions/experiences.


Zur Betreuung Demenzkranker in Tagespflegeeinrichtungen

Professionals in dementia care

Deutschen Expertengruppe Dementenbetreuung (formal caregivers daycare)

Expert opinion-consensus


Diagnostiek en medicamenteuze behandeling van dementie (CBO) (2005)

Geriatricians, professionals

Geriatricians, professionals



Landelijke Eerstelijns Samenwerkings Afspraak Dementie (LESA) (2005)

General practitioners and professional caregivers

General practitioners, professionals, professional caregivers

Evidence-based and consensus


Richtlijnen voor verzorgenden (depressie en apathie) (2004)

Formal caregivers

Netherlands institute for health services research (NIVEL)



NHG-standaard dementie(2003)

General practitioners

General practitioners, professionals



Dementie (gezondheidsraad) (2002)

Policy makers

Health council of the Netherlands

Policy driven


Richtlijn probleemgedrag (2002)

Nursing home physicians

Dutch Society of Nursing home physicians (NVVA)

Evidence-based and consensus


Management of patients with dementia: A national clinical guideline (2006)

Health care professionals

Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)



Dementia: Supporting People with Dementia and their Carers (2006)

Practitioners and service commissioners

Multidisciplinary team of health and social care professionals, a person with dementia, carers, and guideline methodologists (NICE-SCIE)



Knowledge set for dementia (2006)

Social care workers

Skills for Care (employment interests, service users and carers and union and professional associations in social care)

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) based on National Occupational Standards


Everybody's business. Integrated mental health services for older adults: a service development guide (2005)

Health and social care practitioners, guide for developing/improving mental health services

Department of Health

Policy driven


Care Homes for Older People, National Minimal Standards (2002)

Care homes

Department of Health

Policy driven


Guidelines for the management of agitation in dementia (2001)


Specialist old age psychiatrists, geriatricians, psychologists, general practitioners, and social scientists involved in the care of people with dementia in the UK and Ireland



Modern standards and service models for older people (2001)

National Health Service, (local) government, people working with older people

National service framework for older people: Department of Health

Policy driven


Guidelines for the primary care management of dementia (1998)

General practitioners

North of England evidence based guidelines development project



Guideline for dementia. Concepts, criteria and references for dementia patient assessment (2003)


Neurology Study Group on Behavior and Dementia

Policy driven


Attention coordinated for dementia patient (2002)

Health and social care practitioners

Spanish Multidisciplinary Group for the Coordinated Attention of a Patient with Dementia

Policy driven


Comprehensive care for dementia (2002)

Health care practicioners.

Public Sanitary System of Andalucía

Policy driven


Guide of quality criteria in social and sociosanitary centres: for elderly people in nursing homes (2002)

Health and social care practitioners working in social centres and residents

Authors: Jose A. De-Santiago and J. Zurro

Policy driven


Coordinated Attention of the Patient with Dementia (2001)

Health and social care practitioners

Working Group for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias of Late Life

Policy driven


Dementia Spanish consensus (2000)


Spanish Society of Psychiatry

Policy driven


Dementia. Guideline (1999)


Spanish Society of Familiar and Communitary Medicine

Policy driven



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