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Continence care

People with dementia must have the same opportunity as other citizens to receive assessment, care and treatment, should they at some point experience continence problems. Assessment and various forms of care and treatment offered must be based on a thorough understanding of both dementia and continence problems. Assessment, care and treatment options should not be restricted solely on the grounds that a person has dementia. They must be based on what would be in the best interests of each person with dementia (i.e. taking into account their individual needs, wishes, condition and situation). Health and social care professionals and service providers must also take into consideration the needs and wishes of informal carers who often play a vital role in ensuring good continence care for people with dementia living at home.

In these guidelines, we have highlighted some of the main issues of relevance to combined dementia and continence care at home, as well as some of the challenges of living with these conditions or providing such care. We hope that this report will contribute towards improving the continence care of people with dementia living at home.



Last Updated: Tuesday 30 August 2016