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National Dementia Strategies

Italy's first national dementia strategy was approved by the national government and the regions in October 2014. The strategy was developed by the Ministry of Health in close cooperation with the regions, the NIH and the three major national patient/carer associations. It will be implemented according to local situations and monitored at national level, with four main objectives:

  1. Promote policies and actions in the view of public health and social approach
  2. Create/strengthen the network of integrated services based on an integrated approach
  3. Implement strategies for promoting appropriate, high quality care
  4. Improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their families through empowerment and fighting against stigma

The strategy is explained in greater detail in the document which can be downloaded below.

On January 18, a technical committee, including Federazione Alzheimer Italia, met at the Ministry of Health in Rome to discuss the (soon-to-be-official by Ministerial Decree) National Dementia Plan (PND). Discussions surrounded the implementation of the Plan, and committee members also assessed its regional application.

Following its approval in late 2014, the National Dementia Plan (PND) began its long journey to adoption in each of the Italian regions. A year on, some regions have still not adopted the plan. More efforts are needed from local administrators, to ensure a swift resolution of this situation, writes Mario Possenti of Federazione Alzheimer Italia.

During the plan’s first year, the first online map of regional services for people with dementia has been made available. The critical point of this list is that data updates must be reported by individual facilities, says Mr Possenti.

The work of the Health Ministry’s technical committee is not yet finished, however. Two working groups have been formed: One to try to create a consensus document for the Path Diagnostics Therapeutic Care (PDTA) that are not currently homogeneous and in many cases are non-existent; The other to study the information flows created by the regional health system, which end up at the Ministry of Health, to identify and track patients with a diagnosis of dementia, in order to gather statistics and data for the future implementation of the PND.

The PND text is available in English on the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) website:



Last Updated: Wednesday 27 April 2016