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Bosnia and Herzegovina

National Dementia Strategies

On 21 October 2016, Udruženje AiR - the national Alzheimer association in Bosnia and Herzegovina - reported a positive step towards a national dementia strategy in the country. Following a national scientific symposium on dementia, which concluded with the signing of a Declaration on dementia, Udruženje AiR was able to open discussions with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Labour and Social Policy. These culminated in an agreement to form a working group on the National Dementia Strategy. The group will be populated by Udruženje AiR, with the consent of both ministries.

Mr Osman Kučuk, Director of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Center for Dementia, commented: “It is an important step for the future, because we now have political support to create a national dementia strategy. The next step is the appointment of two members from each of the ministries to the working group.”



Last Updated: Tuesday 29 November 2016