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Tanja Fajon (Slovenia)

MEPs speak out on dementia

I signed the Glasgow Declaration for several reasons, demographic changes being one of them. A low birth rate together with higher life expectancy may affect a much larger share of Europe's population, which could be affected by any form of dementia.

The second reason is related to the illness itself, which for its recognition and proper deliberation of patients urgently needs the best possible technical support and innovative solutions. This of course involves close cooperation both at national and European level, exchange of good practices is therefore vital.

One of the reasons for support of this declaration stems from my personal experience and the difficulties and distress people with dementia and those around them face. The key to success for these measures to work effectively in everyday life is, in my opinion, close cooperation of all who in any way deal with people with dementia. Exchange of information and constructive cooperation can significantly relieve the life of patients and those around them and overcome many of the financial problems, too.



Last Updated: Friday 08 January 2016