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Marian Harkin (Ireland)

MEPs speak out on dementia

This significance of the European Union’s accession to the Convention should not be underestimated. It is a seminal step in the progression of the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities within the EU by bringing EU law in line with the provisions of the Convention.

The Convention stands out from other Human Rights treaties as people with disabilities and their representative organisations were very much a part of and involved in its drafting. The Stevens Report was no different as it took into account the views of many of the relevant stakeholders and furthermore all Committee meetings were accessible to persons with disabilities.

For me the three most important issues that the Stevens Report deals with are:

  1. The need to have a comprehensive and cross cutting review of all EU legislation and funding programmes to ensure they comply fully with the CRPD.
  2. The need to develop a comprehensive CRPD strategy with a clean timeframe, benchmarks and indicators, and
  3. The need to ensure a structured dialogue with disability organisations in this entire process.

These three proposals should help ensure that the CRPD becomes an evolving process not just a worthy document that is left on a shelf.



Last Updated: Monday 06 February 2017