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Igor Šoltes (Slovenia)

MEPs speak out on dementia

I signed the Glasgow Declaration because of the necessity of raising public awareness of the presence of this disease around us. It is also at the level of preventive fight for the recognition of this disease as a disease of modern times. In particular, it is necessary to promote the focus on informing people about events and characters and identification of this disease, the need to respect the rights and dignity and independence of people living with dementia.

The faster the population ages, the more will be living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease present around us. We cannot pretend that this disease does not exist and cannot turn away from this fact because when it knocks on our door and we open the door, we have to be ready. That is why I signed the Glasgow Declaration, because there must be a willingness to prepare not only for patients but also for people living with and by the people with dementia.



Last Updated: Friday 08 January 2016