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Dr. Milan Zver (Slovenia)

MEPs speak out on dementia

I support the efforts of Alzheimer Europe, which calls for the formation of a European strategy on dementia and strategies on dementia in all European countries.

I share the opinion, that the European Commission should coordinate activities and research within programmes such as Horizon 2020, programmes for support in everyday life, the European innovation partnership on active and healthy aging, Joint Program for research on neurodegenerative diseases and Innovative medical program initiative. I am convinced that it is right that the European Commission sets up an expert group for exchange of good practices.

Given the demographic changes in society, the number of people who are faced with this problem is likely to grow in the future. We need to ensure early detection of dementia, mitigation of its effects, the search for new treatments and to maximise the inclusion of people with dementia in society.

At the same time I call upon the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to prepare a national programme and take the necessary steps to form an organised network of centres for cognitive disorders.



Last Updated: Friday 08 January 2016