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Alojz Peterle (Slovenia)

MEPs speak out on dementia

As a Member of the European Parliament, Co-Chair of Health Working Group within the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, and Member of the Alzheimer Alliance, I will continue to pay particular attention to dementia and drive it forward as one of public health priorities in the EU.

Together with many MEPs who have signed the Glasgow Declaration we are signalling to the European Commission that the time has come to develop the European dementia strategy. I believe that setting up a high-level official at Directorate-General and forming a team of experts, officials and representatives from organizations in charge of the monitoring of strategy implementation and of exchange of best practices would significantly contribute to fulfilment of the Strategy goals.

One of these is ensuring rights of the patients with dementia in everyday life. These rights are human rights, equal for all, regardless of personal circumstances, written down in the fundamental national and international law on human rights. Governmental bodies above all have a duty to recognise their role and the States must provide sufficient funds for their activities. In Slovenia, I do encourage NGOs to keep trying to open dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, in particular by presenting facts and worrying predictions, which would finally lead to the adoption of a National plan for dementia.



Last Updated: Friday 08 January 2016