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September: MEP Ole Christensen praises new Danish national action plan on dementia

Alliance activities

On 26 September, Ole Christensen, MEP (Denmark) provided the following statement on the launch of the new Danish national action plan on dementia:

“As the living age of Europeans continue to rise to a yet unknown stage, the number of dementia patients is increasing as well. Sadly, we know that this disease has severe implications, not only on the lives of the persons diagnosed with dementia, but also on their families. In order to combat and prevent this disease we have to act and we have to act now.

Therefore, I am pleased that a majority of the Danish political parties are earmarking EUR 60 million over a 3-year period through the national dementia strategy.

With the help of the national dementia strategy, support will be provided to families, money will be earmarked for improving research on Alzheimer and other forms of dementia, and a stronger focus on prevention will be provided. These are major improvements.

I sincerely hope that the Danish dementia strategy will show capable of creating better lives for many of those patients who suffer from this terrible disease.”

Alzheimer Europe is very grateful to Mr Christensen and all the other members of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance for helping to make dementia a public health priority in Europe.



Last Updated: Tuesday 27 September 2016