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Prevention, DFCs, Awareness

Idalina Aguiaris

I continue to assume my role as ambassador in dementia. In spite of the disease that obscures my memory, I insist on proving that it is possible to live with dementia and help to convey the message of an inclusive society.

On the international day of friendship (30 July 2018), the campaign “Friends in Dementia”, promoted by Alzheimer Portugal, was launched and several friends joined this campaign.

The main objective of this campaign is to increase the understanding about dementia in our country and to invite all citizens to actively engage in improving the daily lives of people with dementia.

This initiative aims to combat the lack of knowledge and stigma associated with dementia, as well as raising awareness on the subject in Portugal. It also aims to help citizens understand how dementia affects people, help change behaviour, and make society more friendly with people with dementia.

To launch this campaign, which aims to change the way our country thinks, acts and talks about dementia, Alzheimer Portugal has promoted in 21 Portuguese beaches and cities in all districts of Portugal, the Madeira Archipelago (where I live) and the Azores, where employees and volunteers from the Association presented the initiative and invited people to join.

“Friends in Dementia” is an initiative of Alzheimer Portugal and counts on the High Sponsorship of the President of the Republic and the support of a wide range of reference partners.


Idalina Aguiaris a member of the European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) from Portugal.



Last Updated: Friday 26 April 2019


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