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Overview of approach


Working with members, Alzheimer Europe collated copies of the reports and/or summaries of the reports. Whilst the majority of the national strategies had been officially translated into English by their respective governments, some were only available in their national languages. In these instances, we used a summary provided by a member organisation (Austria and Czech Republic), or we used an unofficial translation, mostly by running the document through Google Translate (Cyprus, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain). In these cases, consulting with the member organisations was crucial to ensure that mistakes had not been made in relation to the actions or commitments translated from the documents.

Themes and grouping

The topics used within this comparative report have been chosen broadly on the basis of those which occurred most frequently within the national dementia strategies. This was an iterative process whereby topics were adapted on an ongoing basis subject to the content of strategies; in particular, the report was constructed in such a way as to provide the most representative overview of priorities. A spreadsheet was created listing all the strategies published, the year of publication, which included all identified actions/ commitments made within the strategy, as well as any other relevant information relating to the topic.

The topics are grouped into seven sections on the basis of the similarities in the actions/ commitments of the governments. For example, whilst it may be intuitive to group together the topics of ‘awareness raising’ and ‘diagnosis’ (as the former is likely to play a considerable role towards improving the latter), the approach of the majority of governments was to incorporate elements of societal education, dementia friendly/inclusive communities, with a considerable number also tying in educational messaging around prevention. As such, awareness raising, dementia friendly communities and prevention, have been grouped together under the same section.

Online summaries

As well as publishing this report and making it available online, Alzheimer Europe will use the information identified within this report to update the relevant sections of the website, providing summaries of each strategy, in each country 1.


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Last Updated: Monday 29 April 2019


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