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Staff required


Staff that should be present in the residential care facility

In Finland, Ireland, Italy, Malta and the UK (England, Northern Ireland and Wales) it is stated that there should be at all times, sufficient numbers of staff with the necessary experience, skills and competences, to meet the needs of all residents.

In other countries, requirements exist for the presence in the residential care facility of the following professionals:

  • Medical doctor: Belgium (Flanders), Croatia[46] France, Greece (in private facilities and a psychiatrist in case of hospices), Hungary[47], Latvia, Netherlands[48], Norway and Turkey.
  • Nurse: Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, France, Germany, Greece (hospices and private facilities), Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands[49], Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey.
  • Social worker and other allied health professionals (AHP): Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders), Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece (hospices and private facilities), Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey. 


46 Units providing care to people with dementia must have a visiting psychiatrist (8 hours/month for every 50 residents or 4hours/month for every 25 residents).

47 A minimum of 4 hours presence per 100 residents.

48 On-call physician who can reach the facility within 30 minutes.

49 On-call nurse who can reach the facility within 30 minutes.






Last Updated: Friday 31 January 2020


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