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My name is Petri and I am from Finland. I have frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Getting the diagnosis was very hard. Finnish doctors and nurses don’t know much about FTD. I had never heard about FTD before. I also didn’t know that you can have dementia if you are young. When I was in the rehabilitation programme, the psychologist noticed my skills in public speaking. Since I got dementia, I speak a lot and I am uninhibited and brave. I see those things as gifts, which this disease has given to me. The disease can give also good things, not only bad ones. The psychologist told me that I could become an “expert (educator) by experience” and that many people could benefit from my experiences. Those words gave me more power and self-confidence. With training from The Alzheimer Society of Finland I have become an expert (educator) by experience. Since, and particularly due to social media, many people have asked me to give lectures. The latest invitation was from my own hometown to talk to nurses and doctors about what is like to live with FTD. Since I got FTD, I am very sensitive to odours. I also have migraines. I want to talk about this to them. All the feedback that I got so far has been very positive and rewarding. When I see the audience laughing and crying at times, I know I have succeed. I hope this works helps to provide better care to people with dementia and FTD.

Petri Lampinen (EWGPWD), Finland.






Last Updated: Monday 03 February 2020


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