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(Alv):I was diagnosed with vascular dementia 7 years ago. I currently live with my wife Berit in a small village in Norway. To me, the most important issue in residential care facilities is how to provide a stable and peaceful environment i.e. no sudden changes in routines or personnel. If changes have to be made, they should have a slow progress and be peacefully explained. The person should be supported by staff-members well-known to him/her.

(Berit):It will be a very sad loss if, or when, the time comes when you have to assign your husband to other people's care. As a wife, I would wish the nursing home to provide calm and predictable surroundings, and a homely atmosphere where I, or other family members, could visit freely. I would also want it to be a place where meaningful activities are provided, and where all kinds of assistance are offered with respect and thoughtfulness in accordance with his actual needs. To feel sure that this will, in fact, be the case will greatly lessen the sorrow, and help both my husband and myself settle better into this new phase in life.

Alv Orheim (EWGPWD) and Berit Orheim, Norway.






Last Updated: Monday 03 February 2020


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