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2006: Reimbursement of anti-dementia drugs

The availability of medicines in general

Medicines in Latvia are included in one of four categories which determine the reimbursement rates:

  • Medicines without which it is not possible to maintain life functions are reimbursed at 100%.
  • Medicines without which there would be difficulties in ensuring a patient’s life functions are reimbursed at 90%.
  • Medicines without which the current health status could not be maintained are reimbursed at 75%.
  • Medicines which are necessary to improve a patient’s health condition are reimbursed at 50%.[1]

The availability of Alzheimer treatments

All four anti-dementia drugs are marketed in Latvia, but none of them are part of the reimbursement system.

[1] European Commission (2006): MISSOC – Mutual information system on social protection : Social protection in the Member States of the European Union, of the European Economic Area and in Switzerland : Comparative tables



Last Updated: Wednesday 15 July 2009