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12th Annual “Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease” Conference held in San Diego, California

Wednesday 04 December 2019

Between 4-7 December, the 12th annual Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference was held in San Diego, California.  Since its inception in 2008, the CTAD conference has brought together clinical researchers in academia and industry, providing a platform for delegates to share data on clinical studies, diagnostics and tools at all stages of the development pipeline. This year, over 1000 attendees from a wide range of stakeholder groups were present. The conference was structured around five educational symposia, focused on blood pressure control and cognitive function (1), predictive platforms for advancing drug combination approaches (2), epigenetics and the BET-system in dementias (3), results from the AMBAR albumin replacement Phase 2b/3 trial (4) and AD in Down Syndrome (5).   Oral communications sessions, roundtable discussions and keynote presentations were held alongside the educational symposia.   

At the start of the conference, the CTAD Lifetime Achievement Award in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Therapeutic Research was awarded to Zaven Khachaturian, acknowledging his key role in founding AD research programmes run by the US National Institutes of Health. Following the award ceremony, oral communications sessions covered the results of several high-profile clinical trials, including the RADAR Phase 2 trial of Losartan to improve brain blood flow in AD, the HARMONY Phase 3 trial of Pimavanserin for dementia-related psychosis, and the AMBAR Phase 2b/3 trial of plasma-protein replacement therapy for mild-to-moderate AD.  A special hour-long session focused on the topline results from the EMERGE and ENGAGE Phase 3 trials of Aducanumab, Biogen’s candidate immunotherapy drug.   Keynote lectures provided an overview of the US National Institute of Aging-sponsored clinical trials and perspectives on new frontiers for AD drug development, while roundtable discussions addressed (among other topics) how AD clinical trial design could be improved, taking into account sex and gender considerations. Jean Georges, Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe, attended the CTAD conference.

Further details on the CTAD conference programme can be found here:

Oral and poster abstracts can be found here: