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Study examines relationship between cold sore virus and Alzheimer's disease

Monday 08 December 2008

A small study examined whether there is a relationship between the cold sore virus (herpes simplex 1 virus or HSV 1) and the existence of Alzheimers disease. The brains of 11 (6 people with Alzheimers disease and 5 without) deceased people were examined, and it was found that the HSV 1 virus was present in 90% of the brain plaques in the samples from people with Alzheimers disease and in 80% of those samples taken from people without Alzheimers disease.

The study was conducted by Professor Itzhaki and colleagues from the University of Manchester and published in the Journal of Pathology. Further research is required to establish whether there is a link between the HSV 1 virus and Alzheimers disease.