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Science watch


Our science watch section reports on the story behind the media-reported “breakthrough” headlines in dementia, by focusing on the original journal study. Reports of other developments in research on care and cure are also included.

12/11/2019 Prospective cohort study shows that large rises and falls in blood pressure are associated with higher long-term risk of dementia
09/11/2019 Population-based study investigates connection between activity & social integration with risk of dementia related to cardiometabolic diseases
07/11/2019 EIP Pharma announces results from Phase II REVERSE-SD trial of neflamapimod in early Alzheimer’s disease
04/11/2019 T3D Therapeutics raises USD 15 million in funding to initiate its Phase II study in people with mild to moderate AD
04/11/2019 Researchers identify genetic mutation that may help to protect against AD
02/11/2019 Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceuticals gets approval of Oligomannate for mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease in China
22/10/2019 Biogen announces regulatory filing plan for Aducanumab, based on new analysis of EMERGE and ENGAGE studies
11/10/2019 Clinical study shows that misfolded amyloid beta proteins in the blood are an accurate risk marker for Alzheimer’s disease
10/10/2019 ApoE4 actives microglia in animal models of tauopathy and Alzheimer’s disease
08/10/2019 Study in mice reports on possible effect from drug preventing blood clots towards lowering the risk of dementia
03/10/2019 New report says “window of opportunity” exists in midlife, when people could make biggest difference to risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases
02/10/2019 Clinical MRI study identifies differences in brain ventricle volume that predate the onset of genetic frontotemporal dementia
02/10/2019 Athira Pharma announces completion of Phase 1b clinical trial of NDX-1017 for Alzheimer’s disease
30/09/2019 Repairing the TOM1 pathway prevents neuroinflammation and cognitive decline in models of Alzheimer’s disease
27/09/2019 Avanir Pharmaceuticals reports Phase III top-line data for AVP-786 for agitation in people with Alzheimer’s dementia