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Science watch


Our science watch section reports on the story behind the media-reported “breakthrough” headlines in dementia, by focusing on the original journal study. Reports of other developments in research on care and cure are also included.

01/01/2020 PET study shows superiority of Tau imaging in predicting brain atrophy in early Alzheimer’s disease
23/12/2019 Study in mice shows potential sex differences in responses to tau pathology
18/12/2019 Eleusis reports results from Phase I trial of LSD in older healthy participants
17/12/2019 Amylyx Pharmaceuticals announces top-line results from the CENTAUR Phase II clinical trial for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
09/12/2019 Athira Pharma presents results from Phase I/II trial of NDX-1017 in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease
08/12/2019 Grifols presents clinical trial data on AMBAR study
07/12/2019 Cortexyme Inc. presents data from its Phase 1b trial of the gingipain inhibitor COR388, showing reduced ApoE fragmentation in treated participants
05/12/2019 Biogen announces topline results from the EMERGE and ENGAGE Phase III clinical trials of Aducanumab
05/12/2019 ACADIA Pharmaceuticals presents positive topline results from HARMONY, its Phase III clinical trial of pimavanserin for dementia-related psychosis
05/12/2019 PREVENT-Dementia study identifies association between midlife dementia risk factors and longitudinal brain atrophy
04/12/2019 CTAD Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Zaven Khachaturian for his work on the foundations of AD clinical trials
04/12/2019 12th Annual “Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease” Conference held in San Diego, California
04/12/2019 Research study shows reduction in seizures and cognitive impairment in aged mice treated with a TGFβ inhibitor
21/11/2019 Researchers link risk of late-onset AD with genetic variation in the MUC6 locus
14/11/2019 Researchers mapping the brain interactome identify a high concentration of AD risk variants in microglia