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Science watch


Our science watch section reports on the story behind the media-reported “breakthrough” headlines in dementia, by focusing on the original journal study. Reports of other developments in research on care and cure are also included.

23/09/2020 The TAURIEL Phase II study evaluating semorinemab in early AD did not meet its primary efficacy endpoint
21/09/2020 New research investigates women’s higher vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease
21/09/2020 Observational study suggests that dementia risk in people with type 2 diabetes varies depending on the type of dementia
17/09/2020 Longitudinal study indicates that women with more fertile years may be at increased risk of dementia in old age
14/09/2020 Cassava Sciences announces positive results of its Phase IIb trial of sumifilam in AD
01/09/2020 New report identifies key barriers for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials
01/09/2020 Cortexyme reaches milestone with 500 research participants enrolled in its GAIN Phase II/III trial of COR388 in mild to moderate AD
01/09/2020 ImmunoBrain Checkpoint will launch a Phase I trial of IBC-Ab002 in AD
31/08/2020 Axsome Therapeutics announces development status for AXS-05 in the treatment of AD agitation
18/08/2020 Study looks at person‐centred approach to implementation of psychosocial interventions for people with an intellectual disability and dementia
07/08/2020 FDA accepts Biogen’s aducanumab license application for AD with priority review
04/08/2020 Incidence rate of dementia in Europe and North America declined by 13% per decade between 1988 and 2015, study shows
30/07/2020 Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention and care identifies 12 modifiable risk factors accounting for 40% of dementias
30/07/2020 New research suggests that early-life health factors may influence Alzheimer’s dementia risk
28/07/2020 Clinical study confirms the diagnostic accuracy of blood test for p-tau217 biomarker in AD