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Science watch


Our science watch section reports on the story behind the media-reported “breakthrough” headlines in dementia, by focusing on the original journal study. Reports of other developments in research on care and cure are also included.

09/08/2018 Older kidney disease patients on dialysis may have a high risk of dementia
08/08/2018 UK Researchers find association between ethnicity and dementia
08/08/2018 Study suggests an association between degenerative eye diseases and AD
01/08/2018 Researchers publish an epidemiological investigation on dementia and alcohol consumption
25/07/2018 Eisai and Biogen present positive results from experimental AD drug Phase II study
25/07/2018 NIH-funded researchers present preliminary findings from the SPRINT MIND study
24/07/2018 Scientists present findings on treatments for non-cognitive symptoms in dementia
24/07/2018 Researchers find that reduced production of plasmalogens in the liver may be linked to impaired cognition
23/07/2018 Scientists from the U.S. report on epidemiological study about correlations between reproductive history and dementia
22/07/2018 Researchers developed practice guidelines to support the clinical evaluation of dementias at physicians and nurse practitioners
20/07/2018 US FDA grants Roche’s CSF assays for AD diagnosis
19/07/2018 Green Valley Pharmaceutical reports Phase III positive results for its experimental AD drug GV-971
17/07/2018 Genentech completes recruitment of participants for second Phase 3 trial of AD drug crenezumab
10/07/2018 Review stresses the importance to consider sex differences in clinical studies to develop the precision medicine approach for Alzheimer’s disease
09/07/2018 Anavex Life Sciences receives approval to start Phase II/III trial for AD drug ANAVEX2-73