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Alzheimer’s Society releases new animation on Dementia Care highlighting the impact of the UK’s broken and unfair social care system

Thursday 19 March 2020

After delivering a letter to the UK Prime Minister signed by 112,000 people calling on him to fix dementia care last year, Alzheimer’s Society has been focusing its efforts on calling for urgent immediate investment in the care system in order to stabilise it. Ahead of the March 2020 Budget, thousands of Alzheimer’s Society campaigners urged their MPs to contact the Chancellor and call for immediate investment in the social care system to support people living with dementia. As part of this activity, the Society launched an animation telling the story of Isobel and John, and their experience with the social care system after John was diagnosed with dementia.

Narrated by Oscar-nominated actress and Alzheimer’s Society supporter Lesley Manville, the animation tells the story of Isobel and John’s family not only having to come to terms with John’s dementia diagnosis, but also having to struggle with an unfit and unfair social care system. The family could not find any support from the care system and were left to fend for themselves until Isobel was overcome with the pressures of caring for John and fighting the care system. You can watch the animation here. Although the 2020 Budget did not mention social care, Alzheimer’s Society is proud of the great response from supporters and their feedback that the animation had really resonated with them and their own stories. Ultimately, 14,000 people contacted their MPs, which is a fantastic result. Alzheimer’s Society will now be focusing on the long-term reform of social care, ensuring that it works for people with dementia, who are the foremost users of the care system. A system that works for them, works for everyone. For more information on the Fix Dementia Care campaign, visit: