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Italy finally gets funding for its National Dementia Plan

Monday 25 January 2021

Precisely in the last days of 2020, a disastrous year for all of us we know, Italy has seen a little light at the end of the tunnel, on a matter that Federazione Alzheimer Italia has been campaigning on for years. The Parliament has approved an amendment to the 2021 budget law which provides for funding EUR of 15 million over 3 years, for the National Dementia Plan.

The Plan was created with the aim of providing strategic indications for the promotion of appropriate and adequate interventions to combat social stigma, protection and guarantee of rights, updated knowledge, coordination of activities, all aimed at the correct integrated management of dementia. Approved in 2014, it placed Italy among the first countries to have a national dementia plan; with the also demonstrated, however, that a plan without funding is not enough.

Finally, the approval of this funding lays the foundations to begin transforming the objectives of the Plan into concrete actions, thus allowing the planning of new interventions to support people with dementia. The Italian Ministry of Health has 60 days to indicate the criteria and methods for allocating the funds. Although small, the amount allocated is a symbol of hope for people with dementia and their families. It represents a first step towards being able to provide concrete help in protecting the rights of people with dementia and their families, and in improving their quality of life.

The amendment included in the budget law was inspired by the bill of Senator Barbara Guidolin, and was written with the collaboration of Federazione Alzheimer Italia. Federazione Alzheimer Italia hailed this news as a great achievement, shared with all people with dementia, family members, healthcare professionals and all those who share the association's goals:

"Now more than ever it is essential that our institutions demonstrate unity and give a concrete signal, by listening to the voice of people with dementia", concluded Gabriella Salvini, President of Federazione Alzheimer Italia.